After a year of hard work, everything leads to the pleasure of good drinking.

In addition to a delicious food pairing and good company, the best way to enjoy wine is knowing its origin: where it comes from, how it is produced, where it ripens to finally reach us.

All the wines we produce come entirely from the grapes of our vineyards. We take care of them during all the agronomic and phenological phases to exalt the characteristics of each single vineyard and plot of land.

Grape harvest is one among the most important phases. This is the reason why we care a lot about it: we wake up early in the morning and start picking the grapes in the coolest hours to avoid any undesired fermentative process. We try to pick only the best bunches by hand and place them in small boxes. In the heat of the moment, we may also include some bad ones. But this is not a problem since a further selection during dumping allows us to process only the best bunches.

At this point, the process that turns must into wine can start.
A modern wine cellar, designed for a vinification respectful of our raw material, helps us during all the phases, which are carried out by following our ancestor’s rules and that have only one main aim: let nature take its course.

According to tradition, for reserve and selection wines, it is the moment to move to the wood ripening area where the charming beauty of our oak barrels fills the eyes and the heart, apart from some glasses for a tasting every now and then…

From now on, the attention for an optimal staying of our wine in oak barrels and in bottles for the final sharpening will allow us to uncork elegant, balanced and high-quality wines respectful of a millenary tradition.


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