Effort and dedication in winemaking of Cirò wines since three generation


Over 100 years of experience

The family winemaking experience begins with our grandfather Giuseppe at the end of 1800. During the second post war, this tradition has been carried out by our father Cataldo helped by an only horse and plough.

He is the founder of what we know as “Brigante vineyards”, planted by him and cultivated by us, Enzo Sestito and Stefania Carè, heirs of this tradition.

Located in the heart of the region Calabria and surrounded by the quite hills of Cirò, a historical village near Crotone, the Brigante’s vineyards extend around 10 hectares between the healthy sea breezes from Ionian Sea and the fresh mountain breezes from Sila Mountains.

Cirò’s area are suitable for viticulture. In these lands we cultivate mainly Gaglioppo, Greco bianco and other native grapes like Pecorello. The absolute excellence of our wines is due to the care we take in our single grapevine.
Every day we revoke the same passion, love and values of our pioneer creating our peculiar Brigante wines, more and more appreciated in Italy and around the world.


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